RPAS / UAS / Drones

RPAS Aviation
is a European company with offices in Switzerland and the United Kingdom.  We specialise in unmanned aviation and have unique expertise in the use and procurement of this exciting airborne technology.

Operating from offices in Cranfield and in Kreuzlingen near Zurich our highly experienced team have worked in the design and operation of  unmanned aircraft and in crew training and accident investigation.

In addition they have thousands of hours of manned aviation experience and have worked for national regulatory authorities and major aerospace companies and government agencies involved in unmanned aircraft  procurement.

With our new “Workshop” portal we also act as a brokering house for clients looking for drone companies to fly tasks on their behalf and for drone companies looking for work.


September 04, 2018

Tallinn Office Opening

PAS Aviation International OÜ now open to business

September 04, 2018

German Office Opening

PAS Aviation Europe GmbH now open to business

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