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Cost effective, affordable peace of mind

You want to place a contract with an RPAS Operator, or you want to buy a UAV from a manufacturer…. But how do you judge the product and its real capabilities? How do you see through the marketing and identify the true performance of the system and the professionalism of the company?  There is an answer, contract us to conduct an audit on your behalf.

Using our team of experienced professionals, we will visit the company, audit them and then provide you with a detailed written report to give you peace of mind when you make your decision to proceed or not.

Our staff have worked on multi-million pound procurement projects in the aerospace with over 25 years of contracting experience, aviation expertise and auditing knowledge.

Contact us at RPAS Aviation for more information on how we can assist.


September 04, 2018

Tallinn Office Opening

PAS Aviation International OÜ now open to business

September 04, 2018

German Office Opening

PAS Aviation Europe GmbH now open to business

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