RPAS / UAS / Drones

RPAS Aviation
has joined with the International School of Unmanned and Remotely Piloted Aviation to offer a range of industry leading courses.

Based on the principles and the syllabus of manned aviation training, the courses offer options to the beginner and to the advanced pilot looking to gain more knowledge and to better understand the unique requirements of safe unmanned flying.

The courses are all modular and can be adapted to meet customer needs.  Available courses include:

  • Pilot Groundschool
  • RPAS/UAS Human Factors
  • RPAS/UAS Safety Management
  • Introduction to RPAS/UAS Operations


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September 04, 2018

Tallinn Office Opening

PAS Aviation International OÜ now open to business

September 04, 2018

German Office Opening

PAS Aviation Europe GmbH now open to business

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