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PAS Aviation Group is an aviation employment specialist. The company is headquartered in Switzerland with locally based companies within the group operating throughout Europe. Founded in 1997 the PAS Aviation Group celebrated 25 years of operation in 2023.

our commitment

  • To offer professional services to fellow professionals.
  • To install a sense of enjoyment within the industry.
  • To communicate with our candidates, employees and clients fairly and with the highest respect.
  • To be amongst the leading aviation solution providers.

We are in aviation because we enjoy the challenges and rewards that it brings!

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Meet the PAS Aviation Team

Phillip Ashley-Smith

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Eddie Evans

Managing Director

Helmut Heid

Chief Financial Officer

Switzerland Office

Gabi Weihrauch

Branch and Finance Manager

Evita Back

Legal and Administration Manager

Erika Dragu

HR and Payroll Administrator

Anna Govorovska

HR and Payroll Administrator

Estonia Office

Merlin Soosaar

Payroll and HR Administrator

Piret Valamaa

HR Specialist

United Kingdom Office

Paula Belcher

Aircrew Support Manager

Jo Soper

Aircrew Recruiter

Germany Office

Florian Bozon

Branch Manager

PAS represented countries

Latest Vacancies

ATR 72-500 First Officers – Ostrava (OSR)

ATR 72-500 Captains – Ostrava (OSR)

ATR 72-500 First Officers – Belgrade (BEG)

ATR 72-500 Captains – Belgrade (BEG)

ATR 72-500 First Officers – Wrocław (WRO)